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Tips and tricks

- For infants and toddlers, it is helpful to time the appointment to avoid naptime, so that your child is awake and happy for the visit  

- Siblings can be a distraction during the exam.. If possible, schedule an appointment time when young siblings are elsewhere.  This facilitates your child's cooperation and allows you discuss the doctor's findings and recommendations without interuption


Our exams are oriented towards children, with videos and toys to gain their attention, picture charts for those who will talk but don't yet know their letters, and Teller card vision testing for preverbal children.


You can expect a new, comprehensive exam to take about 2 hours. This includes a 30-40 minute waiting time while the pupils dilate after the eyedrops have been given. Dilating the eyes is an important part of a new patient exam.  It allows the doctor to measure refractive errors accurately, and to examine the retina and the optic nerve.


Our office uses drops particularly designed for children. They do sting briefly, but we do our best to minimize the discomfort. After dilation, vision is a bit blurry for the rest of the day, and the pupils remain dilated for many patients even overnight.

Your child will see several members of our team during their visit.

A technician will call you and your child back to an exam room to take a detailed history about your child and what you have been noticing. They will measure your child's vision with age-appropriate tests, evaluate eye movements, binocular vision and pupil responses. If eye misalignment is suspected, our orthoptist will conduct a thorough evaluation of your child's eye alignment and movements.  


After this initial exam , eye drops will be given.


Once the pupils are fully dilated the doctor completes the exam and discusses the results and answers any questions you may have.

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