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But I'm an adult?!

For most of your eye care needs as an adult, you will be best served by your comprehensive ophthalmologist.  However, problems of double vision and eye misalignment (strabismus) are ones that your regular ophthalmologist does not treat nearly as frequently as a strabismus specialist does. Most strabismus specialists are also pediatric ophthalmologists. 


This is why you have been referred to what may seem to be a practice for children.

Our ophthalmologists, together with our orthoptist, specialize in eye muscle problems and treat patients who have these every day.  We are comfortable and proficient in using nonsurgical treatment such as prism glasses or exercises to control double vision when possible.  If surgery is indicated, our ophthalmologists have expertise and experience in the surgical management of eye misalignment.

For your appointment, please request that your comprehensive ophthalmologist send us a copy of your prior exams.  If you have had eye surgery in the past, or brain scans because of double vision, those reports are extremely helpful. If your previous treatment was many years ago, or in childhood, asking family members for details they remember may also give us information that we are unable to get any other way.  After your exam, the doctor will spend the time necessary to discuss your exam and treatment recommendations in detail.

You can download our office forms in advance of your visit:

              Adult Medical History form



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               HIPAA Policy



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