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Patient Testimonials

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At Child Eye Care we want every patient to have the best experience possible, if we did not achieve that we also want to hear from you! Stacey Starner is our office manager and can be reached via email at, Sally Murray is our clinical manager and can be reached at


I had double vision stemming from a concussion ten years previously. My double vision developed to being all the time which made daily activities difficult unless I held one eye shut.
I was referred to Child Eye Care Associates by my regular eye doctor. My background is hospital administration and I am a nurse. I do not impress easily. The team, along with Dr. Fang are the best of the best. The first appointment they spent the time to explain my situation and what their testing concluded. From there we worked together to prepare for surgery. The surgery and post-op care was conducted with compassion, professionalism and most importantly excellence in clinical practice. I highly recommend Dr. Fang and the team at Child Eye Care Associates. They gave me my vision back

It was scary to find out our young kiddo had a serious problem with their vision and crossed eyes. It was so reassuring to find this place. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a child, especially if they have alignment or crossing problems. Their team is smart, kind, patient, and we trust their care completely.

Always the BEST experience when we visit Dr. Wheeler at Child Eye Care Associates! His friendly staff makes the whole process fun and easy for my son, and Dr. Wheeler’s clinical knowledge and bedside manner are incredible. I wouldn’t trust my son’s vision to anyone else!

We have seen both Doctor Goodman and Doctor Fang. They both spent lots of time with us and were very thorough! The assistant was also great, as well as both opticians! Definitely worth driving across town to come here!

Drs. Fang and Bavasi are amazing with our seven year-old! Our kiddo has difficulty letting people look in their eyes and these doctors are so patient with them and knowledgeable with us. We'll be staying with this clinic as long as is needed.

Second time coming here, and another excellent experience! Front office staff and nurse and Dr were very kind and thorough. Highly recommend coming here for compassionate eye care for your kids!

This group is masterful. It was like watching a lion tamer the way they were able to use toys, cartoons, and other distractions to check the vision of my totally uncooperative, 17 month old wild child. Very positive experience overall and will be recommending to friends.

Dr. Yu has seen my son for the past 16 years. We love how she truly understands his health issue and makes sure he receives the best of the best. She would refer him to the best specialist that have the knowledge of his condition. Dr. Yu thank you so much for all your care and making sure my son always received the best from you and your staff

9735 SW Shady Lane, Suite 203, Tigard, Oregon 97223

Tel: 503-635-4436      Fax:      971-317-0283

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