Your Pediatric Eye and Adult Strabismus care during the COVID-19 outbreak


Update: December 2020 

Child Eye Care would like to assure all our patients that we are working hard to ensure we continue to provide appropriate, adequate and safe care.

As the intensity of the COVID pandemic increases, we at Child Eye Care Associates continue to monitor state statistics and implement practices to ensure the safety of both staff and patients in this unprecedented time.

Given the recent rise in local cases, which is predicted to worsen as people gather for the holidays, Child Eye Care Associates has decided to divide our staff into smaller teams. In the event of a positive COVID exposure, this team approach would permit the affected team to quarantine according to CDC and state guidelines while still allowing the other unaffected teams to continue providing care for our patients.

How will this impact patient care?

Our top priority is to ensure that we provide high quality ophthalmic care for all our patients and kindly ask for your patience and understanding. The implementation of this team approach will mean that there is a much smaller staff in the office on any given day. This could affect wait times during appointments and for returning phone calls, but we will do our best to be as timely as possible.

If your provider is in quarantine for your (child’s) scheduled appointment, we will call you beforehand to inform you. If possible, we will keep your (child’s) appointment but change the provider for that one visit or, if you prefer, we will reschedule the appointment with your regular provider to a later date.

The new team system also affects our optician’s hours. Debra will be available for limited hours during the week and we are asking all patients to call ahead and schedule an appointment. This is to ensure that, not only is Debra available to see you, but that we do not have overcrowding in the optical area. Debra can be reached at 503 635 4436 x 116 to schedule an appointment.

We will continue to implement our current protocols such as requiring all staff, patients 5 years and older, and all accompanying adults to wear masks; permitting only one accompanying individual per patient; thoroughly sanitizing the exam rooms between each patient; and keeping patients in exam rooms during the dilation process.

As the COVID pandemic continues to evolve, we will update our protocols to optimize safety for our patients and our staff and will update any changes on our Facebook page ( and on our website (

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to:

Carole (office manager) at 503 635 4436 x 103 or

Sally (clinical manager) at 503 635 4436 x 106 or

Previous COVID-19 protocols:

Patient precautions

  • Only one person may accompany any patient to their appointment, to minimize exposure. Guardians and children 5 years of age and older are required to wear a mask during their entire visit.

  • We will take your temperature on arrival – any family with a member who has a fever will be rescheduled at least 14 days from that date.

  • No family member or patient with any respiratory symptoms (cough, sneezing) should come for an appointment.  If you arrive with an active cough you will be rescheduled at least 14 days from that date.

  • If anyone in your home has respiratory symptoms or fever, you will need to reschedule for at least 14 days in the future.

  • Please use the hand sanitizer provided.


Clinic precautions

  • We have removed all toys from the waiting room and clinic rooms to reduce risk of cross contamination.

  • We are sanitizing all surfaces in clinic rooms between each patient.

  • In order to try and keep the waiting room as uncrowded as possible:

    • We have reduced our schedule capacity.

    • You will remain in the exam room for the duration of your visit to reduce any possible exposure in our waiting room. Since we have removed all toys from the exam rooms, you may consider bringing some small toys from home to keep your child entertained between the initial evaluation and when you see the doctor. Dilated appointments can last up to 1.5 hours as it takes 35 minutes for dilating drops to take effect.